June 28th, 2020 Online Seminar【End】Microsoft & Jij Quantum & Quantum Inspired Optimization

Jij will host a joint webinar with Microsoft Quantum, a leader in the global quantum computing industry. Overview ▶︎︎Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 10:00~11:00 ▶︎︎Presentation: Online ▶︎Registration Method: End. ▶︎To whom to attend:  - R&D and engineers involved in the quantum computer industry  - Business developers interested in mathematical optimization  - Investors ▶︎Contents *Contents and order may be subject to change  -Overview of quantum computers   -Why Quantum Computers Now?   -Classification and principles of quantum computers   -Movements in the world and Japan  -About Optimization Computation   -What is Optimization Computing?   -The latest examples in various industries   -Demonstration of Optimization Calculation   -Microsoft Quantum's approach   -Jij Initiatives and Solutions